Setting the Standard in Quality

Contractors Wardrobe® designs, produces and manufactures a wide assortment of wardrobe doors using our unique Diamond Quality Guide. So no matter what your budget or taste, we have something for you. Get complete details by visiting our Diamond Quality Guide.

Why Contractors Wardrobe®?
Every Cw® product receives the care and attention of hand craftsmanship. We begin with carefully selected materials. Then our expert manufacturing staff systematically assembles, meticulously finishes, and packages each product we build.


Golden Oak Vanity Flair

Aristocratâ„¢ Vanity Flair

Golden Oak Vanity Flair

Golden Oak® Vanity Flair

Oak Fantasy Vanity Flair

Oak Fantasy® Vanity Flair

Oak Fantasy Vanity Flair

Style Lite® Vanity Flair

Trim Line 3way Vanity

Trim Line® 3Way Vanity Flair